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Seal Global is a unique eCommerce consulting firm geared towards the needs of owners, operators and investors of any kind of online business. We help organizations elevate their online channel thorough design, platform implementation, big data analytics, managed services and strategy. Our consultants bring their deep expertise in every aspect of eCommerce to help you grow your web presence. We also offer clients turnkey eCommerce solutions from a unified point of contact. As opposed to other consulting firms, we simply do not advise and leave. We are there to implement our advice and see it through. We remain as immersed in your business as you want us to be, and be your partner in your online journey.

Seal Global’s Business Intelligence solutions enable retailers to stay ahead of competition by providing insight into customer behavior and analyzing purchase and conversion patterns. By leveraging a combination of high-performance data mining, predictive analytics, data visualization, big data analytics and customer segmentation, we help our clients design data-driven marketing strategies that inspire brand loyalty, improve customer retention and boost repeat purchases.

Seal Global is also unique because we are a consulting as well as an investment firm. If our strategic involvement in your online business makes sense for both of us, we are ready to invest while we provide our expertise in eCommerce.

Our Case Studies / Portfolio

Current Projects

15 Jul 2014

An on-demand movie portal which allows watching on any device, anywhere on a Pay-per-View basis or on Unlimited Subscription

01 Jul 2014

Implementation of an ERP for Donor & Donation Management, Grants & Beneficiary Management and Collection and Disbursal of Grants

01 Jul 2014

Creating a web-portal for a major real-estate company. The portal spans several verticals including real estate retail, education and senior living.

15 Jun 2014

A global project for showcasing upcoming talent and providing upcoming film makers the opportunity to bring their work to a global online audience through IPTV..

Our Clients

A sampling of our clients in various e-commerce verticals :