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At Seal Global, we reconfigured digital transformation with AI capabilities. We do everything from training AI models to building Custom AI applications. Our Applied Generative AI solutions unlock opportunities and growth for Startups and SMBs.

Why Seal Global?

The path to successful AI implementation at Startups and Small Enterprises is still unclear. We help you navigate the ambiguities and plan futuristic solutions to scale capability and productivity. Our AI-driven Digital Transformation services sculpt information assets, liberate knowledge, amplify efficiency, and exceed your digital marketing aspirations.

Seal Global and AI in a Nutshell

We have integrated Artificial Intelligence with essential Digital Transformation Services.

Applied Generative AI Services

We custom-build intelligent Generative AI solutions for 360- degree productivity enhancement.

Prompt Engineering as a Service (PEaaS)

Experience the power of prompt engineering on AI platforms that create excellence at scale. Work directly with our talented pool of Prompt Engineers.

SEER – Transform Information into Automation and Leads

Unlock information automation with SEER, our customer interaction service that transforms business information into actionable insights, automation, and leads.

SAVANT – Liberate Knowledge, Scale Efficiency & Profit

Meet SAVANT, your knowledge Buddy, a knowledge liberation agent. Discover how we harness Custom AI to increase efficiency.

LUMOS – AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing

Illuminate your digital presence with LUMOS, our AI-enhanced digital marketing service. From personalized content creation to campaign optimization, LUMOS is your beacon to superior ROI.

Other Competencies

While our AI-driven capabilities set us apart, at the heart of Seal Global lies a robust foundation of legacy competencies that have been the bedrock of our success. We seamlessly bridge tradition and innovation, offering our clients a holistic and balanced approach to digital transformation.

banner-imageeCommerce and Multichannel Business Consultancy

As your Outsourced Director of eCommerce, we navigate the options-bloated, guidance-anemic landscape of the industry, helping you make informed choices and implement effective strategies. Our expertise spans multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to digital commerce.

banner-imageStrategy, Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Organization

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses every facet of your business. We cover everything from devising strategic roadmaps and leveraging cutting-edge technology to executing impactful marketing campaigns and optimizing operations.

banner-imageFinancial Planning and Profitability Enhancement

We delve deep into financial planning, identifying cost reduction and revenue maximization opportunities. Our focus on enhancing profitability ensures your business thrives in a competitive digital environment.

banner-imageOutsourced Director of eCommerce Services

We extend our role beyond consultancy to become an integral part of your team. As your outsourced director of eCommerce, we take ownership of your digital initiatives, ensuring alignment with your overall business objectives and driving performance and profitability.

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Our Team

Oney Seal

Founder & CEO

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Debasish Mitter

Chief Executive Advisor

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Sebabrata Banerjee

Chief Solutions Architect

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Sumanta Gupta


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Rohan Roy

Head of Digital Marketing

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