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Savant revolutionizes your enterprise workflow with AI-driven inputs, suggestions, and solutions, turning complex data into accessible knowledge for impactful decision-making.

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Technology Behind Savant

Savant leverages the power of pre-trained GPT Transformer models to build your business information into an interactive, user-friendly knowledge hub. Custom-trained on your unique data, Savant learns and grows with your organization, offering ever-evolving insights and solutions.

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Three Major Ways You Can Benefit from Savant,
Among Myriad Use Cases

Knowledge Base

Savant can be trained on your organization's specific knowledge base, making it a central hub of information. This means it can answer questions about your products, services, or internal procedures instantly and accurately, saving time for your employees and improving customer support.

Creative Work

It's important to understand that while AI can generate ideas and content based on the data it's trained on, human input and creativity are irreplaceable. However, Savant can certainly help with tasks like brainstorming, content generation, and data analysis, enhancing the creativity and productivity of your team.

Training and Onboarding

Savant could serve as an interactive training tool for new employees, providing them with relevant information about their roles, responsibilities, and company procedures. It could also help them answer any questions they might have during their onboarding process.

Who Can Benefit from Savant?


Savant is a game-changer for business enterprises, helping them streamline processes, enhance customer communication, and drive innovation. From serving as a comprehensive knowledge base to aiding in creative tasks, Savant optimizes your operations, boosting productivity and bottom-line results.

Academic Institutions

Empower educators and students alike with Savant. This AI assistant can provide instant, interactive access to a wealth of educational resources, making learning more engaging and personalized. It also assists research by offering in-depth data analysis and idea generation. Future versions of Savant will resolve complex mathematical problems too.

Medical Organizations

Savant transforms healthcare delivery by providing quick access to patient histories, treatment options, and the latest medical research. It can streamline administrative tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care. In addition, Savant can aid in medical research, interpreting complex datasets to assist in breakthrough discoveries.

Public Service Institutions

Savant can help public service institutions manage their complex data flows more efficiently. It can act as a hub for public records, policies, and procedures, providing immediate answers to citizen queries. Moreover, it can analyze public service data to help identify areas of need or improvement.

You Need to Keep in Mind


SAVANT Is Not a Private LLM

Savant is built on pre-trained GPT Transformer Models with a special focus on making the most of the ‘Attention’ layer. This provides you with huge leverage to fine-tune the outputs of Savant.


Your Data Is Absolutely Safe

Your organizational data, when uploaded to Savant, instantly gets stored and transformed into binary vector entities. That’s as good as applying a high level of encryption, no human being can make sense of those entities. When Transformer models query into the databases, they look for vector entities that match vectorized versions of user queries. So your data remains safe as long as it is in the Savant technology ecosystem.


Thinking Private LLM? Think Again

Large language models require immense computational resources for training. This often means using multiple high-powered GPUs or even whole clusters of GPUs for several weeks or even months. Then, the training process itself is tedious, the training data needs to be diverse, high-quality, and accurate for intended tasks. Collecting, cleaning, and curating such a dataset can be a huge task in itself. Also, do you have trained professionals in your organization to train such models?

That’s the reason we created SAVANT using pre-trained Transformer models. You can fine-tune SAVANT on a smaller, task-specific dataset, which is a less resource-intensive process than training a model from scratch. And you spend a lot less.

What SAVANT Can Do

Smart Search & Retrieval

SAVANT instantly extracts the most relevant information from a large knowledge repository, providing instantaneous answers to even the most complex queries.

Dynamic Learning

Adaptability is at the core of SAVANT. It is programmed to learn continuously from every interaction, ensuring the information offered is up-to-date and reliable.

Secure & Compliant

SAVANT is built with top-tier security measures to ensure your valuable knowledge remains confidential, confined, and safe.

Collaborative Learning Environment

The platform is designed to foster collaboration. It allows users to contribute insights, enriching the database and cultivating a shared learning culture.