Transform Customer Support with SEER: A Flexible and Accurate Chatbot Solution

Deliver Exceptional Support Experiences with Dialogflow and GPT-powered Artificial Intelligence. SEER combines the power of Google Dialogflow and custom-trained GPT Artificial Intelligence models to revolutionize customer support. Seamlessly guiding users through structured conversations of Dialogflow while intelligently handling open-ended or ambiguous queries with custom-trained GPT AI, SEER ensures comprehensive and accurate responses.

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No Hallucinations, Rest Assured

Dialogflow Integration

Engage users with guided conversational experiences powered by the natural language understanding capabilities of Dialogflow, making sure your chatbot responds to key questions exactly how you want.

Backend Integration with Custom-Trained GPT AI

When queries are ambiguous, open-ended, or they fall outside predefined intents, SEER's pre-trained GPT model provides nuanced responses from the organizational knowledge repository.

Database Integration

Use advanced integrations to store leads directly into a database or pull information from databases while responding to queries.

Voice support

Use a direct phone number to access the guided conversational journey of SEER.

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Where Is SEER Used

Multi-Domain Efficient Customer Support

Swift Issue Resolution

Respond to common inquiries, such as order status and FAQs, with accuracy and speed. The AI running in SEER’s backend makes sense of incomplete, vague queries. Then it searches for answers in its knowledge base or connects with BigQuery or MySQL databases to pull the correct answer.

Troubleshooting Expertise

Help users troubleshoot technical issues and provide step-by-step guidance for problem resolution. SEER can be trained on information stored in webpages or MS Word, PDF, and Text files. Once trained, data retrieval is swift.

eCommerce Assistance

Personalized Shopping

Assist users in finding products, providing recommendations, and facilitating smooth checkout experiences.

Product Information

Answer queries about features, specifications, and availability, empowering users to make informed purchasing decisions.

Travel and Hospitality

Virtual Travel Assistant

Provide flight schedules, hotel information, local attractions, and personalized travel tips.

Booking and Reservation Support

Assist users with booking processes, modify reservations, and address travel-related inquiries.

IT Helpdesk Support

Technical Troubleshooting

Guide users through common IT issues, offer solutions, and troubleshoot software and hardware problems.

Network Configurations

Assist users with network setup, connectivity issues, and general IT FAQs.

Educational Resources

Learning Assistant

Answer questions across a range of subjects, provide explanations, and recommend study materials.

Interactive Learning Experience

Engage learners with contextually sensitive responses and access to relevant educational resources.

What SEER Can Do

Quick Answers to Business & Customer Questions

No more hunting down manuals or sifting through endless documents. In seconds, SEER analyzes all accumulated documents and acts as an expert on all your company processes. With that, it can handle complex customer queries.

Database Integration

SEER can store data in popular databases. It can retrieve data from the databases as well while handling customer queries.

Auto Escalation

For inquiries or problems beyond SEER's understanding or capability, it could be programmed to automatically escalate the issue to a human support representative.

Contextual Understanding

SEER could be capable of maintaining context over a series of interactions, allowing for more accurate and intelligent conversations.

Scheduled Notifications/Reminders

SEER could be programmed to send regular reminders or notifications based on user preferences or schedules.

Integration with Other Communication Channels

SEER could also be integrated with other channels like social media platforms, email, or SMS, allowing businesses to have a cohesive communication strategy.