Startup OutSourcing Case Study: 5X the Team, 72.5% Less Cost, 5X the Runway: How Seal Global Optimized a Startup's Funding


Two entrepreneurs launched a traveltech and fintech startup with a substantial funding round, providing them with a significant annual budget for two years. With the plan to launch a cutting-edge mobile app, they recognized the importance of maximizing their resources, accelerating growth, and extending their financial runway to ensure the long-term success of their venture. They approached Seal Global, a provider of profit enhancement and outsourcing solutions for startups with over 25 years of experience delivering exceptional startup success.


Upon reviewing the startup's business plan, Seal Global identified a critical limitation: their budget only allowed for hiring 4-5 key positions. This limited capacity would hinder the startup's ability to scale operations, develop robust departments, and achieve its ambitious growth targets.


Seal Global proposed a strategic outsourcing solution designed to optimize the startup's funding and extend its runway. Instead of focusing on individual hires, Seal Global built five comprehensive departments for the startup:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Outbound Sales

  • Platform Management

  • Upper Management Team

  • Accounting Team (including outsourced CFO)

This approach provided the startup with a fully functional team structure, filling critical gaps and enabling them to tackle various aspects of their business simultaneously.

Seal Global leveraged its expertise and network to assemble a team of 31 highly skilled professionals to staff these departments, all for a total annual cost that was one-fourth of the startup's intended annual budget.


Seal Global's outsourcing solution delivered remarkable results for the startup:

  • 5X Manpower: The startup gained access to five times the manpower compared to their initial plan, enabling them to execute their growth strategies more effectively.

  • Cost Reduction: By outsourcing to Seal Global, the startup significantly reduced its projected annual expenses by 72.5% while still gaining a team of 31 professionals, freeing up substantial funds for other critical areas.

  • Extended Runway: The significant cost savings effectively extended the startup's financial runway from two years to potentially up to ten years, providing them with ample time to achieve key milestones and secure additional funding.

  • Enhanced Expertise: The startup benefited from the diverse skills and experience of Seal Global's professionals, gaining access to specialized talent that would have been difficult and costly to acquire individually.

  • Accelerated Growth: The comprehensive team enabled the startup to accelerate development, marketing, and sales efforts, leading to faster growth and a stronger market position.

  • Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing non-core functions, the startup's founders could dedicate their full attention to their core competencies, driving innovation and strategic decision-making.


Seal Global's strategic outsourcing solution proved instrumental in optimizing the startup's funding and significantly extending their runway. By providing access to a high-performing team of 31 professionals at a fraction of the cost, Seal Global empowered the startup to overcome its initial limitations, achieve rapid growth, and establish a solid foundation for long-term success in the competitive traveltech and fintech industry.