Customized Engagement


Seal Global Holdings is an eCommerce service provider with a business-minded model: deliver professional eCommerce services and IT solutions on demand. We provide fully functional, dedicated e-commerce teams to small and mid-size businesses at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. Our elastic model helps companies to avoid overspending by applying our expertise in eCommerce functions and information technology solutions as needed.

Our comprehensive approach to designing or upgrading your eCommerce business involves close collaboration with your business leaders to understand growth opportunities, business & technical needs, and financial feasibility. Only after these elements, unique to every organization, are carefully assessed and fully understood do we begin drafting e-commerce solutions designed to align with them.

We bring to the table our strong understanding of the online marketing and merchandising environment, thorough awareness of evolving technology and deep experience of managing cross-border teams. This helps us to execute your projects on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis. Unlike large consulting firms who will strategize, plan and then leave your team to do the execution, Seal Global will build your website, steer you through each step of the execution phase and will even help you in marketing your website.

Seal Global makes custom plans based on your specific requirements. If you need help in developing and launching your own eCommerce company, Seal Global Holdings can engage with you on a turn-key basis. We are your outsourced Director of E-commerce who plans, advises and also takes you through all the phases of the launch until your company has started to operate smoothly. We help clients define clear objectives, then identify technology & strategies to realize their vision.

If your company needs advise and hand-holding in specific areas of eCommerce or at a particular phase of implementation, our e-commerce consulting teams can provide you with the requisite support. We can confidently fulfill all your eCommerce, web development and marketing needs, however, challenging they may seem.


  • eCommerce Strategy :  Seal Global Holdings ensures a comprehensive, data-driven strategy across eCommerce marketing, technology, and operations ensuring that you are on your path to success.
  • eCommerce Marketing  :  Need to grow traffic and sales? Our e-commerce consultants help you prioritize your eMarketing spend and increase your reach through social media, affiliates and many other forms of marketing.
  • eCommerce Consulting  :  Leverage our expertise and legwork so you can focus on your core business. Our consultants will not only strategize and advise; they will actually hand-hold your business until objectives are met.
  • Rapid Site Evaluation  :  Need “fresh eyes” to see how your site can improve? Our website assessment review results in scored diagnosis featuring specific, prioritized action steps for quick wins and insightful recommendations for longer-term strategies.
  • In-Depth Technical Assessment :  Need an unbiased assessment of your eCommerce technology stack? Seal Global Holdings’ technical consulting experts perform a deep-dive analysis to highlight current weaknesses and identify optimal areas for improvement.
  • Post-Launch Audit :  Getting the most from your recent implementation? Seal Global Holdings’ e-commerce consultants can perform a gap analysis to highlight ‘misses’ in your implementation, identify opportunities vs. eCommerce best practices, and prioritize and plan the next phase.
  • Shopping Cart / Checkout Analysis :  Getting the most from your shopping cart? Through data-driven analysis, our e-commerce consulting team will evaluate your cart and checkout, identifying and implementing conversion-boosting improvements, big and small.