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Digitization is the process of changing content production, storage, distribution, and consumption from an analog to a digital base.

The pace of digitization all over the world is accelerating rapidly. Countries are taking advantage of mature technologies and markets and the resulting price reductions. Increased liberalization and the growing affordability and availability of digital technologies and skills are also contributing towards this acceleration. This hastens the implementation and usage of new technologies and the deployment of supporting infrastructure. In sum, the whole world is moving toward an advanced stage of digitization at a rapid clip.


By increasing flexibility and speed, digitization has created a powerful impact on business, from transforming the economics of production and distribution to realizing value from embedded content.


Digitization and convergence have created multiple ways to access content on multiple devices. Across the world, mobile devices such as smart phones and internet-equipped mobile devices are replacing personal computers as the primary means of digital content acquisition.


Does digitization minimize costs?

Digitization shifts the bases where costs are incurred; so by investing less in the production and distribution processes, more funds are available for investing in content production itself. The simplification of processes through digitization and consequent minimization of cost has given birth to thousands of news enterprises worldwide who are now operating as digital-only operations. International and national news have become ubiquitous and available on many platforms at little cost to the end-consumer. The quest for flexibility and cost savings through digitization is pushing book, magazine, and newspaper publishers toward e-readers.


Benefits of digitization

  • Shift greater control to consumers by allowing them to select, filter, search, control, and participate in multiple forms of communication.
  • Saves cost by simplifying the distribution process thereby freeing up funds for content production and improving the quality of content.
  • Professional and amateur writers, musicians, film makers and video producers no longer require the services of large and expensive organizations to produce their content. This has reduced monopolistic control over distribution systems.
  • Access through a large gamut of media devices starting from PCs and laptops to tablets, e-reader and even mobile phones thus maximizing outreach.
  • Increase awareness through social media

How does the Seal Global Digital Media team add value to media businesses?

Media businesses need to be sustainable, but their traditional sources of income are, in many cases, drying up. Media firms and industries need to recognize and respond to this new scenario by embracing change and innovating their business models and products to make them sustainable. Survival in this environment means making tough choices, demonstrating clear business understanding and constantly seeking out the best service at the best price.


This is where Seal Global’s Digital Media team can help you. Seal Global’s Digital Media team can help businesses achieve greater value from digitization through a variety of means – from understanding technology and modern content consumption trends to advising clients on how to take advantage of those. Our IT and Media teams also work with clients to provide guidance on IT services to avoid pitfalls in the process of digitization and ensure successful delivery of projects to time and budget.


Services that we provide in Digital Media :

  • Online content development and management for print and media companies
  • Publishing digital editions of print media
  • Monetizing all digital activities.
  • Help media companies organize their workflow
  • Build Social capabilities to attract new-age reader-consumers. Making all publications Social Media Friendly
  • Build marketing channels for content, using social media and email marketing.
  • Subscribing to a suitable Content Server and Content Delivery Network. Use cloud-based architecture where required.
  • Build a robust Content Management System
  • Managing Ad Networks and Local Ad Sales for the Online Publications. Managing online ad inventories
  • Developing Device Interfaces and Tablet/Mobile Apps
  • Developing and managing Mobile/Tablet editions for the publications. Hosting the Digital and Tablet/Mobile Editions
  • Developing Proprietary Unicode Font and Font Rendering Technology for various browsers and platforms
  • Provide training

Some digitization projects that we have completed :