Your Outsourced eCommerce Customer Support Specialist

Voice, Chat and Email support for eCommerce companies

Seal Global delivers 20+ years of eCommerce customer service outsourcing experience for internet retail and eCommerce companies, primarily in the office products, fashion & clothing, jewelry, electronics, and technology products sectors.

We reduce our client’s cost of doing business

Our inbound services include:

  • Customer Service via Voice, Email, Chat & Social Media.
  • Order Processing and Order Taking.
  • Returns Processing & Management

Seal Global implements custom outsourced call center services programs that help internet retailers:

  • Get closer to their markets and their customers.
  • Reinforce customer loyalty.
  • Express their unique brand

What sets us apart

Seal Global is unique because it is an evolved outsourcing company. Over the last 20 years, we have achieved tremendous business efficiencies, growth and national acclaim by outsourcing many aspects of our own internet retail businesses.

What we offer you, is an evolved outcome of that success. Having perfected outsourcing on ourselves, we now have the expertise to bring the same success to you.
  • Seal Global only works on a custom, dedicated model.
  • Agents and staff are hired per your needs and specifications.
  • We build you a team that works seamlessly with you.

Customer Service Agents trained by you will handle all aspects of customer support and relationship management using outbound and inbound telephone calls, e-mail, chat and social media.


  • A world-class, fully staffed office complex in a major technology center in India.
  • Global-standard planned interiors.
  • Complete electronic security and built-in redundancies in all areas.
  • Internet connection right from the Internet backbone eliminating last-mile issues.
  • Seamless, dedicated VoIP systems to integrate with your existing phone systems.
  • We provide seamless integration with your existing environment to replicate or improve existing business processes.
Our capabilities include:
  • Networked VPN Access to business applications.
  • Agent activation with accounts on your in-house system.
  • Transparent call routing using Voice Over IP (VoIP).
  • Seamless & secure integration with your US office.

Reduce cost, remain competitive !

In today’s retail and e-commerce industry, customer service standards continue to rise while margins shrink. The internet retailer’s main headache – how to provide superior customer service at a value price?

Seal Global’s low, all-inclusive, per agent rate will include the following:
  • All toll-free telecom charges including set-up of US toll-free number or re-directing of existing one.
  • All costs of high-speed internet connectivity.
  • All set-up and running costs of premium Live Chat.
  • All offshore employee costs.
  • All offshore facility costs.
We understand the risks and rewards of outsourcing customer service and customer interactions.

Our call center’s inbound customer service programs have a great record of protecting our retail and e-commerce clients’ brands.So if you’re considering outsourcing customer service, think about Seal Global. Our call center solutions boost sales and brand loyalty while cutting your business costs.

Our goal: To become a direct extension of your brand, customer service, inside sales and marketing team.

We’re an award winning call center outsourcing company with more than 20 years of experience. Let’s talk about how Seal Global’s call center services can help your internet retail or e-commerce business.
Seal Global is a back office services provider specializing in end-to-end e-commerce solutions with 20+ years’ experience. We work for many Online Retailers across USA. Our core capabilities include Product Listing Services & Customer Support (email, voice & chat) for the e-commerce industry.
Seal Global uses the latest technology and tools to build aesthetically appealing product listings that make online shopping simple and attractive to the end-user.

Product Listing Service offerings:

  • Research and collect product attributes, description, images, product manuals.
  • Product attributes are classified into the right category using set standards and product taxonomies.
  • Upload product information directly to the e-commerce software.
  • We use product classification engines and data mining tools to gather the product data into the digital product catalog.
  • Upon request from the customer, we can enrich the content like product descriptions for SEO and make it unique.
  • A final online catalog is processed after aggressive quality and accuracy checks by our in-house quality control team.

Customer support offerings:

  • Email support 24/7 including weekends and US night hours including:
  • Replying to Customer Emails & Voice messages.
  • Handling Returns, Reships & Damaged order related queries.
  • Handling Marketplace (Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.) customer queries.
  • Handling pre-sales product related queries.
  • Handling abandoned cart, unsubscribed & order recovery emails.
  • Chat support 24/7 including weekends and US night hours

Let’s combine your confidence and our experience​

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