Seal Global GCCs

(Global Capability Centers)

Powering Business Transformation

With Technology Enablement

Leverage Seal Global's fully owned and operated Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India to build critical capabilities with highly skilled professionals. Our seamlessly integrated GCCs allow businesses to manage business processes effortlessly with our tailor-made functions for AI implementations, prompt engineering, operations management, digital marketing & marketing automation, and payroll management.

Our GCCs stand at the forefront of innovation, providing access to top-tier talent and pioneering technologies. In addition to improving client margins, we build core and critical capabilities that propel businesses forward.

Seal Global GCCs

ATA Infotech

Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata

ATA Infotech's state-of-the-art facility, located in a prime location of Kolkata's IT hub, offers capability development, training, testing, and certification solutions. The fully integrated office space is recalibrated to host end-to-end business processes, technology development, AI implementation, and AI capability enablement functions. Leveraging deep industry and functional expertise, ATA Infotech aids organizations in enhancing business performance with advanced technologies including AI/ML, turnkey eCommerce development, and employee training. The Seal Global GCC is well connected by air to all major cities in the US.

Databazaar Digital

New Town, Kolkata

Databazaar Digital, boasting over 20 years of excellence and multiple industry awards, specializes in digital transformation services, managing outsourced business processes, and technology development. Databazaar Digital offers comprehensive solutions for eCommerce back-office support, outsourced finance and accounting, and skill development and training. They also focus on highly advanced, AI-driven digital marketing and marketing automation solutions for the travel, tourism, and leisure industries, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage. Databazaar Digital is located in the IT hub of New Town in Kolkata, India, well connected by air to all major cities in the United States via London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Dubai, and other business hubs.

Common Facilities

  1. Work shifts overlap with US business hours.

  2. A fully staffed world-class office complex in Kolkata.

  3. High-speed Internet connection including Internet backbone.

  4. Highly secure and protected facilities with redundancies built into all areas.

  5. Voice connectivity - transparent call routing using Voice Over IP (VoIP).

  6. Telecom gateway in the US.

  7. Integrated workstation benches.

  8. Video calling-equipped meeting rooms.

GCC Infrastructure Includes

  1. Networked secure VPN access to business applications.

  2. Seamless integration with the US office.

  3. Web-based customer service applications integrated with the telecom system.

  4. Dedicated communication tunnels for clients.

  5. Reliable network architecture and security.

  6. A technology culture with emphasis on security and confidentiality.

  7. Strong technology alliances and partnerships to enable scaling up.

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Security Infrastructure

  1. Internal workflow systems with user & access privileges to ensure confidentiality.

  2. Contractual systems – Our offshore development facility has strong, well-defined NDAs at all levels.

  3. Equipped with secure MFA, Firewall, Antivirus, IDS/IPS solutions and security protocols.