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Implementation of an ERP for Donor & Donation Management, Grants & Beneficiary Management and Collection and Disbursal of Grants

Donor Management System for an Education Initiative

This project is for a well-known education initiative which aims to empower education by eliminating obstacles born out of poverty and thus creating new footprints of knowledge within our society. The initiative provides scholarships to  aspiring meritorious students from the economically weaker sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, faith or race – so that they can pursue higher studies after successfully clearing the school-leaving Board exams.

The project involves implementing a donor and beneficiary management system for the initiative. The ERP covers modules for Donor & Donation Management, Grants & Beneficiary Management and Collection and Disbursal of Grants. The ERP allows donors to register and make donations in cash and kind for meritorious students who wish to pursue further education. It also allows students to apply for and receive grants from donors. Donors can donate through checks, ECS or via payment gateway and can make general donations or donations for specific applicant(s).

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