Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Facility

Seal Global's India Operations Center is located in the IT hub of New Town in Kolkata, India. Kolkata, a major technology center in India, is well connected by air to all major cities in the United States via London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Dubai and other hubs.

Our Facilities Include

  1. A fully staffed world-class office complex in Kolkata
  2. High-speed Internet connection including Internet backbone

  3. Highly secure and protected facilities with redundancies built into all areas
  4. Voice Connectivity - Transparent call routing using Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  5. Telecom Gateway in the US

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Our Capabilities Include

  1. Networked Secure VPN Access to business applications

  2. Seamless integration with US office

  3. Web-based customer service applications integrated with the telecom system

Security Infrastructure

Cultural & Contractual:

  1. Internal workflow systems with user & access privileges to ensure confidentiality
  2. Contractual systems – Our offshore development facility has strong, well-defined NDAs at all levels
  3. Firewall


  1. Dedicated communication tunnels for clients
  2. Strong network architecture and security
  3. Strong technology culture with emphasis on security and confidentiality
  4. Strong technology alliances and partnerships to enable scaling up