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Globally, the way people search is changing. Young, urban Internet users now prefer asking questions on ChatGPT than typing keywords on a popular, highly commercialized search engine. You may not be feeling the impact as yet, but trust us, it’ll be knocking on your door soon.

This is the time to take stock of your brand’s visibility on ChatGPT and similar LLMs.

Seal Global pioneered a robust and accurate measurement technique to measure your brand’s visibility and information depth on ChatGPT.

Our innovation equips you for a future where AI platforms have redefined how consumers interact with brands and services and consume information.

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How We Measure
The AI-Driven Searches

Our strategy of measuring brand visibility on AI platforms like ChatGPT involves a combination of advanced prompt engineering, custom AI models, and abstraction layers. Having studied your brand’s various traits and customer engagement patterns, we tailor our automated measurement system with hundreds of automated prompts representing the brand traits. The real-time completions are displayed on a highly configurable online dashboard.


Understanding the New Search Dynamics

AI's impact on marketing is significant, which calls for a total overhaul of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The rise of zero-click searches, where users find answers directly on search engine results pages, or an LLM interface, challenges traditional SEO approaches . Concurrently, generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, is transforming content generation across text, visuals, and videos, necessitating more targeted marketing approaches.

AI's role in this shift is significant. Platforms like ChatGPT offer an interactive, conversational search experience. SEO strategists now have a growing focus on optimizing content for chatbots and addressing zero-click searches, where users get information directly from search engine results pages without additional clicks.

Generative AI, including ChatGPT, is impacting content creation. It necessitates specific marketing strategies that are context-driven and tailored to the audience, as noted in Smart Insights' 2023-2024 AI marketing trends.

Other Key Offerings


Prompt Engineering as a Service

Beyond generic AI prompts, we delve into crafting tailored prompts that resonate with your business ethos. From generating compelling content and vivid images, and videos to establishing a distinct brand voice, our AI-Prompt Engineering is the secret sauce to your brand's unique flavor.


Custom Trained AI Models for Your Business

We just don't train models, we sculpt them to align with your industry's nuances. Whether it's a chatbot that sounds like your brand voice or a research assistant that knows your sector inside out, we ensure AI feels less artificial and more intelligent.


AI Consultancy

The realm of AI can be intricate. Our seasoned consultants simplify it, guiding you through the labyrinth and pinpointing strategies that can revolutionize your operations. We enable you to implement AI Applications for automation and productivity.