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Dedicated Hiring Dedicated Hiring

Expand Your Business with Offshore Dedicated
Hiring Services

The dedicated hiring services provided by Seal Global are intended to connect businesses with top-tier talents. Create a skilled team of offshore professionals who will work in tandem with your in-house staff. Communicate interact with them in real time to ensure they deliver exactly what you require.

Dedicated Hiring | Engaging Dedicated Resources for Your Offshore Project

Engaging Dedicated Resources for Your Offshore Project

The dedicated hiring model of outsourcing is a relatively new concept that has revolutionized the way outsourcing works for small and medium-sized businesses. In this model, dedicated resources are assigned to your project whom you can direct and monitor at will. It allows you to have a set of skilled, experienced and committed professionals at your disposal without the cost and headache of recruiting, training and retaining in-house resources. Simply put, dedicated hiring is a model where you hire employees who will work for you but from a remote location and the recruitment, training, infrastructure, and administration will be taken care of by another company.

Seal Global has a pool of highly skilled, experienced and committed web professionals who you can hire to work as a virtual but fully dedicated employee. Once you make an inquiry for resources, we carry out a requirement analysis of your project and accordingly assign to you a dedicated resource or a team of resources with the necessary skill-sets and expertise.

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Advantages Of Dedicated Hiring

Our dedicated hiring model offers several advantages:

Dedicated Hiring | Scalability


Project scope can be defined incrementally over a period of time as and when you gain more insight into your project.

Dedicated Hiring | Reduce Overheads

Reduce Overheads

Hire resources at a fixed monthly cost with a guarantee of minimum work hours. We take complete responsibility of your dedicated team providing hardware, software, seamless communication methods and office space. All HR related issues, salary, annual bonuses, insurance and medical allowances are taken care of by us.

Dedicated Hiring | Hire the Best Talent

Hire the Best Talent

Seal Global has specialists in nearly all fields including SEO, Dot Net, Magneto, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Web Marketing, eCommerce and more. Your in-house team works in tandem with your dedicated team.

Dedicated Hiring | Flexibility


You can redeploy your team to different modules of a project at different points of time depending on the exigencies of your project. You can also ramp up or scale down your team size at short notice thereby optimizing your operational cost.

Dedicated Hiring | Complete Project Control

Complete Project Control
and Seamless Communication

We equip your dedicated team with the necessary communication support so that can monitor your team completely. You have full control over project planning and complete ownership of the solution developed. Get regular work reports and track your team’s progress.

Dedicated Hiring | Complete Data Security

Complete Data Security

Data security is of the utmost importance to us. We enter into water-tight non-disclosure agreements and take all necessary steps to keep your data secure.

Dedicated Hiring | Our Skills

Our Skills

Software – Dot Net, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Magento Business process – Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Financial Accounting


Resources can be hired on hourly or monthly basis.


Monthly Rate

Hourly Rate

Magento / Drupal / PHP / Shopify Starting from $1700 Starting from $17 / hour
WordPress Starting from $1500 Starting from $12 / hour
HTML Developer Starting from $1632 Starting from $17 / hour
Web Designer Starting from $1632 Starting from $17 / hour
Web Marketing including SEO, SMO, Content Writing Starting from $1360 Starting from $14 / hour