Struggling with AI Adoption and Skill Set Building?

SMBs and startups want to harness AI's potential, but the high cost of technology and hiring AI talent are barriers to AI adoption. Seal Global can help.

Generative AI Services

Applied Generative AI Services for Digital Transformation

Bridge the AI gap with Seal Global. We bring the marvel of Advanced Prompt Engineering to your processes and augment existing technologies with Generative AI Services without you spending a fortune.

American Society for AI

We built the service leveraging our domain knowledge in custom AI application development and a pool of AI experts comprising efficient Prompt Engineers, Digital Artists, Digital Marketers, Product Designers, and Content Writers.

We cover the costs of AI tools for you.

Key Offerings

Generative AI Services | Prompt Engineering as a Service

Prompt Engineering as a Service

Beyond generic AI prompts, we delve into crafting tailored prompts that resonate with your business ethos. From generating compelling content and vivid images, and videos to establishing a distinct brand voice, our AI-Prompt Engineering is the secret sauce to your brand's unique flavor.

Generative AI Services | Custom Trained AI Models for Your Business

Custom Trained AI Models for Your Business

We just don't train models, we sculpt them to align with your industry's nuances. Whether it's a chatbot that sounds like your brand voice or a research assistant that knows your sector inside out, we ensure AI feels less artificial and more intelligent.

Generative AI Services | AI Consultancy

AI Consultancy

The realm of AI can be intricate. Our seasoned consultants simplify it, guiding you through the labyrinth and pinpointing strategies that can revolutionize your operations. We enable you to implement AI Applications for automation and productivity.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Custom

Prompt Engineering Services

We craft prompts for diverse applications such as chatbots, customer service systems, and marketing campaigns.

We refine prompts to enhance their accuracy and effectiveness. Fine-tuning involves data analysis and feedback integration. We use both user logs and output quality monitoring to refine prompts.

We write prompts to customize your ChatGPT Plus workflow output and develop Style Guides for content generation.

We utilize Cognitive Verifier, Fact Check List, and Refusal Breaker Methods to make the prompt outputs optimum and error-free.

We also create Custom AI Models trained on your organizational data that you can use as Customer Service Chatbots or Knowledge Buddy. Read more about it here.

Use Cases for Applied Generative AI Services

Generative AI Services | Digital AgencyDigital Agency

Requirement/Challenge: Scaling content production without increasing the resource pool.

Seal Global Solution

AI-augmented creativity-on-demand at scale. Workflow for blogs, product page text, campaign text, and creative media elements.

Generative AI Services | Online BusinessesOnline Businesses

Requirement/Challenge: Automating highly specific business use cases such as document processing, metadata generation, and more.

Seal Global Solution

Fine-tuned models, addressing specific business needs such as sentiment analysis, text classification, document summarization, or language translation.

Generative AI Services | Online BusinessesOnline Businesses

Requirement/Challenge: Retrieval of organizational knowledge in AI-based workflow.

Seal Global Solution

Knowledge Extraction Engine: Digital documents and image text extraction. API-based integration for application/workflow consumption through our generative AI services.

Generative AI Services | Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics

Requirement/Challenge: Reducing context learning time for data analysis and getting precise answers to questions related to given data.

Seal Global Solution

Context-Aware technology, negligible learning time, QnA-based analysis. Realtime summarization and analytics of data.

Generative AI Services | Digital News MediaDigital News Media

Requirement/Challenge: Large-scale quality content creation workflow, keeping Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU) in perspective. Integrated knowledge retrieval engine.

Seal Global Solution

Prompt engineering workflow on RAG framework-driven models to scale content production with consistent quality.

Generative AI Services | Customer SupportCustomer Support-Domain Agnostic

Requirement/Challenge: Efficiently addressing customer queries and providing 24/7 support.

Seal Global Solution

Chatbots integrated with AI models trained on organizational knowledge, enabling structured conversations and quick customer issue resolution. Real-time data retrieval from structured/unstructured data sources.

How Do You Benefit

Generative AI Services | Economical AI Mastery
Generative AI Services | Economical AI Mastery

Economical AI Mastery

Dive into the AI universe without the financial jitters. At Seal Global, we shoulder the expenses of top-tier AI productivity tools, ensuring you receive premium services without the premium price tag.

Generative AI Services | Gateway to Elite AI Talent
Generative AI Services | Gateway to Elite AI Talent

Gateway to Elite AI Talent

The AI talent war is real, but with Seal Global, you're always on the winning side. Our reservoir of talent—from prompt engineers and visionary digital artists to efficient digital marketers —is your ticket to AI excellence without the recruitment hassles.

Generative AI Services | Operational Excellence
Generative AI Services | Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Our AI doesn't just work; it amplifies. From turbocharging marketing campaigns to elevating customer service experiences, our solutions are designed to supercharge your productivity metrics. We integrate our services with your existing processes and make them more efficient, faster, and resilient.

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Pricing Model

Monthly Retainer

Think of it as an all-inclusive AI resort. From manpower and software to dedicated AI training hours, our monthly retainer model is your ticket to uninterrupted AI brilliance.

Custom Packages

We recognize and celebrate your uniqueness. Our custom packages are crafted, considering your distinct needs and fiscal considerations, ensuring value at every price point.

Implementation Process

banner-imageNeeds Assessment

We initiate our journey with a deep dive into your business DNA, identifying the touchpoints where AI can be a game-changer.

banner-imageSolution Design

With insights from our assessment, we architect an AI blueprint, cherry-picking models and prompts that resonate with your objectives.


Integration without interruption—that's our promise. We weave our AI solutions into your digital fabric, ensuring business continuity.

banner-imageMonitoring & Optimization

Our commitment doesn't end at deployment. We're constantly on the watch, calibrating and refining the AI's performance to ensure it's always aligned with your evolving goals.