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Prompt Engineering Service

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At Seal Global, it’s our continuous endeavor to transform AI theories and research into tangible assets. Seal Global’s Prompt Engineering as a Service (PEaaS) helps you venture beyond the cookie-cutter AI offerings and get the benefits of advanced Prompt Engineering. We address the unique challenges faced by nimble startups and SMEs, ensuring our service shows a clear path to returns.

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Why Do You Need PEaaS?

Even the mightiest ships need accurate navigation. Similarly, LLMs with billions of parameters, though powerful, can struggle with unclear prompts, resulting in subpar or misaligned outputs. Many organizations face this challenge, unknowingly diminishing the potential of their AI investments. Prompt Engineering as a Service (PEaaS) is our answer to navigating the vast sea of AI-driven communications.

Prompt Engineering Service | Distinct Brand Voice

Distinct Brand Voice

A tailored touch ensures your AI consistently embodies your brand's ethos.

Prompt Engineering Service | Elevate Engagement

Elevate Engagement

Dive deeper. When content is precision-crafted for your audience, it engages at a level that generic responses can't match.

Prompt Engineering Service | Strategic Advantage

Strategic Advantage

Rise above the generic with memorable, personalized experiences that amplify loyalty and advocacy.

Prompt Engineering Service | Digital News Media

Digital News Media

Scale Content Production with Consistent Quality

For Digital News Media organizations providing complimentary access to their platforms, a consistent uptick in organic reach is inherently proportional to the number of quality articles produced.

Prompt Engineering Service | Digital Agency

Digital Agency

at scale

Imagine a writers' bench at an agency, crafting blog posts, articles, or landing page content for a diverse clientele. Each client has unique preferences for literary style, vocabulary, composition style, and the overall tone of the write-up.

Prompt Engineering Service | Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Build Context with Your Data and Gain Insights Fast

Seal Global’s 'Context Aware' reduces context learning time from 6 hours to under 60 seconds, providing instant, tailor-made analysis recommendations for your business.

Distinctive Prompt Patterns

Information is a double-edged sword. While it's the lifeblood of decision-making, it can often lead to clutter and confusion. PEaaS derives its prompts from research carried out by top universities and AI excellence centers. Together, they are like experienced guides through this labyrinth, ensuring clarity, precision, and actionable insights.

Prompt Engineering Service | Cognitive Verifier Pattern

Verifier Pattern

Think of this as your AI's multifaceted lens. Instead of skimming the surface, it dives deeper, disentangling layered questions into bite-sized queries. By doing so, it not only uncovers nuanced answers but also provides a holistic view. For businesses, this means no stone is left unturned, ensuring comprehensive insights into every challenge.

Prompt Engineering Service | Refusal Breaker Pattern

Breaker Pattern

Ever faced a team member hitting a roadblock in a brainstorming session, only to pivot and find another route? That's precisely what this pattern accomplishes. It ensures that when confronted with uncertainties, the AI provides alternative avenues of inquiry. The result? Continuous engagement and reduced chances of dead-ends in AI-assisted decision processes.

Prompt Engineering Service | Fact Checklist Pattern

Fact Checklist

In an era where misinformation is rife, validation is the bedrock of credibility. By furnishing a list of underlying facts with every output, this pattern empowers users to validate and cross-reference information. It's akin to having a built-in audit mechanism, safeguarding the authenticity of every piece of data.

Prompt Engineering Service | Chain-of-Thought Prompting


This isn't just about reaching an answer; it's about the journey to get there. By structuring its thought process, the AI provides a window into its reasoning, allowing for transparency and trust-building. For businesses, it mirrors methodical problem-solving, ensuring every decision is rooted in logical progression.

These are some of the oft-used Prompt Patterns we utilize. But there are many more, and often we invent new patterns if the existing models are not effective for your business requirements.

PEaaS Prompt Engineering Process

Every architectural marvel starts with a blueprint; similarly, the backbone of PEaaS lies in our meticulous designing of Prompts. It's a comprehensive symphony, collecting the notes on your brand's voice, refining them, and orchestrating a harmonious AI output.

Prompt Engineering Service | Information GatheringInformation Gathering

Collaborative sessions with stakeholders ensure we capture the DNA of your brand, its objectives, and nuances.

Prompt Engineering Service | Reflection & AnalysisReflection & Analysis

We evaluate collated data against company goals and brand guidelines. This isn't just a check; it's an alignment of stars for your brand universe.

Prompt Engineering Service | Language Style TemplatesLanguage Style Templates

PEaaS distills the essence of your communication by analyzing sample documents. Think of it as tailoring a suit – we measure twice and cut once, ensuring a perfect fit for your AI's voice.

Prompt Engineering Service | Advanced Prompt FeedingAdvanced Prompt Feeding

Using prompt techniques like 'Chain-of-Thought' and 'Cognitive Verifier Pattern' is akin to coaching an elite athlete, refining skills to perfection.

Prompt Engineering Service | Brand Persona CreationBrand Persona Creation

Before diving deep into prompt engineering, we sculpt distinct Persona Root Prompts that make your models mirror your brand's personality. This isn't just about phrases or diction, but about capturing the spirit of your brand in AI interactions.

Advanced Applications

Translating Patterns to Productivity

In business, theory only goes so far; it's the real-world applications that count. By taking intricate AI prompt patterns and translating them into actionable tools, PEaaS empowers your operations and outreach efforts.

Prompt Engineering Service
Prompt Engineering Service | ChatGPT Plus Workflow Customization

ChatGPT Plus Workflow Customization

ChatGPT Plus helps you achieve complex tasks with incredible excellence and perfection. But it’s like a wild horse, it needs to be tamed and trained. Our tailored prompts ensure your ChatGPT Plus dances to your bespoke tune, crafting outputs aligned with your organization's essence.

Prompt Engineering Service
Prompt Engineering Service | Style Guides for Content Generation

Style Guides for Content Generation

A brand isn't just a logo; it's a voice, an identity. Our style guides act as the vocal cords of your AI, ensuring every piece of content, be it a blog post or an email, resonates with your brand's tonality and ethos.

Prompt Engineering Service
Prompt Engineering Service | Advanced Productivity with Chain of Thought Prompting

Advanced Productivity with 'Chain of Thought' Prompting

Imagine having an assistant who doesn't just do the task but explains the 'why' and the 'how' of every action. Our Chain-of-Thought prompting ensures your AI not only delivers results but also elucidates its rationale, ensuring transparency and trust.

Prompt Engineering Service
Prompt Engineering Service | Persona Creation

Persona Creation on
ChatGPT/Other Models

Every business conversation has undertones and subtleties that generic chatbots miss. By crafting distinct personas, we ensure your AI embodies the right demeanor, be it a professional consultant for B2B interactions or a friendly guide for customer queries.

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Custom Models

The Ultimate Knowledge Companions

In the AI-driven era, customization isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Distinguishing your brand from the sea of competitors means having tools tailored to your unique goals and challenges. Dive deep into our bespoke AI models that function as your enterprise's knowledge companions, reinforcing your brand's values and ensuring every interaction reflects your ethos.

Bespoke Models for Your Brand

Bespoke is Better

Standard AI models can be generic and often don't resonate with a specific brand's voice or values. Our custom models are designed from the ground up to mirror your business DNA, ensuring that every automated response or content generated aligns perfectly with your brand ethos.

From Data to Dialogue

With our models trained on your organizational data, they go beyond mere canned responses. They engage, interact, and assist, providing value in real-time, be it for customer service or internal knowledge dissemination.

Customer Service Chatbots

Always On, Always Helpful

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect instant responses. Our custom chatbots ensure your brand is always there to help, any time of day or night.

Conversational Champions

With the perfect blend of AI-powered precision and human-like warmth, these chatbots redefine customer engagement, making each interaction a memorable brand touchpoint. From scheduling appointments and noting down information of prospective leads to LIVE hand-off to Customer Service executives, the bots do it all.

Knowledge Buddy

Smart Data Access

Your organization houses vast knowledge. Our 'Knowledge Buddy' ensures that this information is easily accessible, helping teams find answers quickly and boosting operational efficiency.

Collaborative Learning

As your team interacts with 'Knowledge Buddy', it learns, evolves, and becomes an ever-more-effective assistant, ensuring a continuous cycle of learning and improvement.

Why Partner with Seal Global?

When you're looking to leverage the transformative power of AI, you need a partner who understands the nuances of your brand and the intricacies of the technology. Here's why Seal Global stands out:

Prompt Engineering Service | Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Every strategy is custom, tailored to resonate with your brand's unique ethos.

Prompt Engineering Service | Data Privacy Priority

Data Privacy Priority

Your data's integrity is paramount. We strictly adhere to client-side security guidelines, ensuring your data remains in trusted hands.

Prompt Engineering Service | Experience & Expertise

Experience & Expertise

With a dedicated team of prompt engineers and a robust client portfolio, our expertise in the domain is unparalleled.

Prompt Engineering Service | Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

While our costs are custom, we ensure transparency at every step, allowing for budget clarity.

*Cognitive Verifier, Refusal Breaker, and Fact Checklist prompt patterns: From the research of White, J., Fu, Q., Hays, S., Sandborn, M., Olea, C., Gilbert, H., Elnashar, A., Spencer-Smith, J., & Schmidt, D. C. A Prompt Pattern Catalog to Enhance Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT. Department of Computer Science, Vanderbilt University. *Chain-of-Thought (CoT) prompting is a technique introduced by Wei et al. (2022).