Profit Enhancement Through Our Global Capability Centers

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions
Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions
Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions
Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions

Seal Global’s owned and operated, fully integrated, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India can help you sustain your startup investment funds longer, build teams effortlessly, and run business processes anxiety-free. We facilitate the development of essential skills and the integration of top talent. This seamless, all-inclusive GCC solution empowers organizations like yours to effortlessly establish, operate, and expand businesses, leveraging a comprehensive suite of services for talent management, workspace optimization, HR, operations, and payroll along with other custom business functions.

Industries We Serve

Travel & Tourism

Retail & eCommerce

Generative AI



Financial Services


Information Technology

Legal Services

Media & Communications

Professional Services

Teams We Build

Roles We Fill


AI-ML Engineer

Prompt Engineer


Content Developer

Customer Service Representative

Data Entry Specialist


Finance Specialist

Graphic Designer

Marketing Specialists

Order Processing Specialists

Project Manager

Reservation Booking Agent

Sales Support

SEO Specialist

Social Media Marketer

Software Developer

Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Specialist

Video Editor

Web Developer

Our GCCs

Databazaar Digital | Global Capability Center - I

ATA Infotech | Global Capability Center - II

Databazaar Digital, and ATA Infotech in India are pioneering profit enhancement solutions through digital transformation, team deployment, and advanced technology enablement. These state-of-the-art facilities offer comprehensive services ranging from AI implementations, digital marketing, and operations management to finance and accounting outsourcing. With our competitive offshore costs for US work hours, we take care of your core and non-core processes, helping you focus on your business.

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Top Benefits of Our GCC Model

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | Full Control of Your Team

Full Control of
Your Team

Seal Global's dedicated, turnkey model ensures real-time access to your employees so you'll have full control of your team anytime, anywhere.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | Team

Your Team Is
In Good Hands

Along with world-class plug-n-play infrastructure, we will take care of recruitment, HR, payroll, management and IT support for your India team so you can focus on growing your business.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | Team

Same Timezone
As Your Team

You can customize the schedule of your team to fit your business needs so they can work in the same shift as you do.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | Communication

No Communication

Benefit from high-quality talent operating from premium offices at a fraction of your current cost! Our pricing model is fully transparent and custom-developed with your input.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | GCC

World-Class GCCs in
Strategic Locations

Our GCCs are equipped with secure MFA, Firewall, Antivirus, IDS/IPS solutions and security protocols in place to ensure your sensitive data is protected at all times.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions | Talent Retention

Excellent Work Culture &
Talent Retention

Be secure in the knowledge that your overseas office/capability center is a vibrant and happy workspace with a strong record of talent retention.

Our Solutions

  1. Applied Generative AI Services: Our trained pool of top-tier AI talent audits business processes and technology operations to suggest augmentation and automation. Augmentation speeds up your operations significantly and helps you do much more with less or the same number of resources. The same talent train resources to use AI in everyday productivity tasks more efficiently.

  2. Accounting and Financial Management Solutions: Our industry-agnostic Accounting and Financial Management solution takes the worry of managing complex tasks off your mind. You can also avail of our HR Process solutions with the above.

  3. Digital Marketing Solutions: We enhance brand conversion and reach by targeting tailor-made content to specific geographies and demographics. We measure our activities with cutting-edge analytics.

  4. CRM & Marketing Automation Solutions: This includes tasks such as communication strategy analysis, Marketing automation functions management, CRM management, and analytics.

  5. B2B Marketing and Sales Support: Lead generation & telemarketing through Omnichannel marketing processes.

  6. Customer Service: We offer multichannel inbound and outbound customer support for eCommerce and other operations. We offer efficient queries/complaints management and tracking, speedy resolutions, and reporting.

  7. Technology Support: Shopify & WordPress development, Custom PHP development, Database development/management, and regular technical support. We are an official Shopify Partner.

  8. Supply Chain Management: We provide an outsourced team for end-to-end order tracking, order fulfillment, and returns management.

Offshoring Profit Enhancement Solutions