Profit Enhancement Solutions

You can sustain your startup investment funds for much longer with our competitive offshore costs for US work hours. By taking care of your non-core processes, our profit enhancement solutions help you focus on your core competencies. The quality of your business operations is improved by our expertise in digital content creation, digital marketing, eCommerce, and relevant technologies.

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Our Solutions

  1. Accounting and Financial Management Solutions: Our industry-agnostic Accounting and Financial Management solution takes the worry of managing complex tasks off your mind. You can also avail of our HR Process solutions with the above.

  2. Digital Marketing Solutions: We enhance brand conversion and reach by targeting tailor-made content to specific geographies and demographics. We measure our activities with cutting-edge analytics.

  3. CRM & Marketing Automation Solutions: This includes tasks such as communication strategy analysis, Marketing automation functions management, CRM management, and analytics.

  4. B2B Marketing and Sales Support: Lead generation & telemarketing through Omnichannel marketing processes.

  5. Customer Service: We offer multichannel inbound and outbound customer support for eCommerce and other operations. We offer efficient queries/complaints management and tracking, speedy resolutions, and reporting.

  6. Technology Support: Shopify & WordPress development, Custom PHP development, Database development / management, and regular technical support. We are an official Shopify Partner.

  7. Supply Chain Management: We provide an outsourced team for end-to-end order tracking, order fulfillment, and returns management.

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How Can Seal Global Help You in Offshoring Your Business Process?

  1. Consultants at Seal Global have several years of experience in offshoring spread across diverse industries. We can bring to your business the same benefits that outsourcing brought to many of our clients. Our Offshore Development Center, located in Kolkata, India has been providing offshore services in the areas of software and eCommerce for the last fifteen years.
  2. Our access to a highly qualified talent pool and faster adoption of well-defined business processes leads to higher productivity gains without compromising on quality. You can safely leave all your business process needs to us and focus on your core businesses and nurturing your core competence.
  1. Dedicated Resource Model: Hire a Dedicated Resource and reduce your employee payroll budget almost to ZERO! Interview & handpick YOUR own resources with full access to their experience and skills. Interact with your Dedicated Resources directly. Use mail, telephone, chat & video conferencing as and when required. We ensure that our Dedicated Resources are competent in communication skills and can quickly update you with the progress made in your project.
  2. Bottom Line Benefits: Time-tested, proven systems and processes ensure critical cost savings. Seal Global has access to state-of-the-art offshore facilities which function as virtual extensions of your offices providing 24 x 7 support and huge cost savings.
  1. Assured Quality: Staff in our offshore centers is customer-specific, not multi-customer. Managers and Team Leaders are customer-specific assuring rigorous quality control. Office space, hardware, connectivity and telephony are simply at par with the best in the world.
  2. Risk Mitigation: We mitigate risks through the use of a robust delivery methodology and best-in-class people practices. We run pilot projects prior to project acceptance and follow a well-documented transition path.
  3. Access to World-Class Talent: Hiring the best talent and robust people practices are our guiding principles. Each candidate hired at Seal Global goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure that the right skill set is matched with the right client requirement. Our satisfied employees translate into higher productivity, higher efficiency and job performance. This also means a lower turnover of staff supporting the client and lower learning curves for client processes. This coupled with our superb training provide a global work force.