Top Use Cases of Prompt Engineering Applications


Digital News Media

Scale Production of Articles with Quality Consistency

For Digital News Media organizations providing free access to their platforms, a consistent uptick in organic reach is proportional to the number of quality articles produced. However, the unpredictable nature of digital news revenue streams often leaves news organizations struggling to maintain a robust team of writers. This is where Seal Global steps in, ensuring that you experience steady growth in content output without compromising on quality.

Here’s how it works. Numerous media entities rely on novice or trainee writers to generate a foundational volume of stories. These individuals often rehash agency or wire stories and produce template-based articles based on press releases, stock market fluctuations, or automated sports scores.

Senior editors frequently notice that pieces crafted by the new writers tend to deviate from the organization’s established style guide, adopt unintended tones or objectives, and fail to meet expected volume targets.

American Society for AI

Seal Global offers a concrete solution to this pervasive issue. We've developed bespoke AI models and automated workflows with ChatGPT, all designed with the editorial process in mind. This system guides writers through a sequence of steps: defining the article’s objective, incorporating special information, establishing context, selecting an appropriate style sheet, adding background information, conducting keyword research, generating metadata, and, ultimately, producing the article.

Still skeptical? We assure you that our solution steers clear of the generic, watered-down output commonly associated with ChatGPT. This is where the true efficacy of our Prompt Programs comes into play. Our prompt engineering excellence will ensure that the linguistic style aligns with your organization’s voice, the text is grammatically sound, superfluous sentences are eliminated, and the writeup is primarily composed in an active voice, adhering to an approved style. The entire workflow is executed at an unparalleled speed.

Our system serves as an invaluable assistant for seasoned editors, aiding in the meticulous crafting of an article’s structure. For newcomers, it acts as a stringent guide, helping them adhere to your organization’s standards of writing excellence while accelerating their learning curve.

Digital Content & Marketing Agency

Creativity-on-Demand, at Scale

Imagine a writers' bench at an agency, crafting blog posts, articles, or landing page content for a diverse clientele. Each client has unique preferences for literary style, vocabulary, composition style, and the overall tone of the write-up. Picture this: one client aims to captivate the youth with energetic prose, while another seeks a straightforward, no-nonsense style to appeal to business leaders. Clients are clamoring for scale, but the agency has a fixed number of writers—each with varying efficiencies.

Ever felt constrained by the limits of your writing team? Seal Global’s Writer Persona Automation can empower you to easily access on-demand creativity and adapt to distinct styles. Implemented wisely, it can unlock a superpower for your writing team, ensuring consistent literary style, composition structure, and vocabulary—no matter who crafts them. Now, imagine all that at 5X your usual scale of productivity!

Curious about how we will make this possible? Talk to us today to learn how we helped a Travel Service Aggregator in the US automate the publication of their blogs using Writer Persona Automation.


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Business Analytics

Build Context with Your Data and Gain Insights Fast

Seal Global’s 'Context Aware' AI Data Analysis service reduces context learning time from 6 hours to under 60 seconds, providing instant, tailor-made analysis recommendations for your business. Forecast sales, understand customer behavior, and identify market trends effortlessly with Predictive Analytics and instant Insights.

The magic of our Prompt Engineering executes robust analyses with one click and offers immediate insights. It also offers intelligent, actionable recommendations designed for implementation or idea generation for your business strategies.