Unlimited Flexibility


Seal Global Holdings is a boutique consulting firm that is tuned to address the needs of start-ups and SMEs. Our team works closely with entrepreneurs and management teams to achieve growth and improve the operating efficiency of small and medium-sized e-Retail companies.


With Seal Global, it’s not the services we offer that differentiate us, but rather the way in which we serve our customers.
Our commitment to fostering customer satisfaction is illustrated in our customer-focused business model. As your e-commerce consultant, we become part of your team and get to know your business, your challenges, and the way you work.

  • “A” Team Delivery – The caliber of talent is what helps determine project success or failure. For years, we have cultivated relationships with best-in-class professionals from the field of e-commerce consulting who provide unbiased support to help our customers solve their most complex business issues.
  • Flexibility – Our consultants are free to accept projects of their choosing. This means you get highly experienced, highly motivated consultants who want to work on your projects. We have one of the most extensive, loyal networks of e-commerce consultants in the industry.
  • Our People – We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining top talent from within the e-commerce and IT industry.
  • Quality Management System – As a customer service driven organization, our business model is based on quality control. Our quality management methodology is based on ISO® best practices.
  • Flexible Business Model – We are capable of engaging in projects at any stage or level of involvement.
  • Pricing – We have pricing power that gives us a unique competitive advantage.
    To discover how partnering with our focused experience can help accomplish your IT goals, contact us today.


The table below outlines the delivery options available to your organization.
Delivery Option
In House
Staff from your organization are trained and mentored to become eCommerce practitioners and will then be responsible for delivery of the program within your organization. Benefits include the program skills being embedded within your organization.
We act as your outsourced eCommerce partner to take your organization through each step of the program. Benefits are that staff resource from within your organization is not required for program delivery.
Some organizations may wish a combined approach which would bring both of the benefits listed in options 1 and 2. A combined approach may be particularly beneficial where a tiered solution is required.