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The whole mission of Web Analytics is to increase online revenue. Digital marketing is moving forward at a furious pace and there are new channels, tactics, and opportunities popping up every day. While it is important to have many different channels of online marketing, it is all meaningless unless you are able to see how these channels perform. Similarly, having all of the information regarding your website traffic and performance is no good unless you are able to use that information to expand your business and effectively drive up revenue.

This is why it is important to partner with experts who have been implementing and managing campaigns successfully for several years. We believe that to best maximize any traffic generating channel online, you need to have proper web analytics consulting from a qualified team. This focus on analytics and determinations on what is functioning well and what needs to change should be the basis of your decision-making process.

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You might already be using a web analytics tool, but you might not be using all the features that the tool has to offer. You could also be getting tons of data from your tool, without you knowing how to actually use the data. The web analytics consulting team of Seal Global can provide all analytics services from implementation to conversion management. We have extensive training and experience and know how to identify and interpret the relevant information about your web traffic and give you the information you need in order to constantly improve your website and marketing campaigns. This, in turn, can also help to identify where problems might occur in the buying process and give you valuable insights into how to remedy these issues.

Our team of expert consultants will help you understand what is and is not working for you and determine what needs to change. We will provide you detailed reporting on the online channels that you are investing in and help you understand how to best manage your marketing funds. In short, our Certified Google Analytics experts can help you maximize your platform.


The first step in building a strong analytics foundation is to understand your current state. An audit reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities at the present moment with regard to tracking and reporting. Once the audit is complete, you need a solid web analytics strategy for clearly identifying campaign performance and ROI in marketing efforts.

Our team helps you implement Google Analytics on your site for monitoring and maximizing your platform. Our technical engineers will set up the analytics software and ensure that capture, tracking and analysis of campaign data are correctly put in place. We can do the implementation for you or provide tech support for custom and advanced coding.

Goals and filters let you measure how often users take or complete specific actions. They are a versatile way to measure how well your site fulfills your target objectives. Seal Global can help you meet your objectives by assisting you in establishing goals, funnels, segments and filters. We can also conduct content experiments in order to statistically test and measure which page and funnel elements drive conversions and which don’t.

Reaching your goals starts with properly tracking them. Seal Global helps you unlock the ability to track campaigns accurately using GA URL tagging tools. Tagging helps you identify the source a visitor originated from, the marketing medium employed to bring a visitor, promotions associated with the visit, if any, and the location that the click came from.

The Google Tag Manager allows marketers to add tags in one integrated, easy-to-manage interface thus increasing agility and error-free tag management.

Use E-commerce Tracking to gain insight on what users buy through your site or app, including information about products, customers, time is taken by customers to purchase and a host of other variables.

This involves crafting landing pages based on specific visitor segments. By using multivariate or A/B split testing, we can test variations of landing pages in order to determine the right creative for the right visitor segment.

The integration of web leads and customers into the clients’ CRM platform requires a knowledgeable engineering team. Seal Global combines the deep skills of our programming team with the power of our analytics experts for CRM integration, which is an important step towards closing the sales loop.

No effort at analyzing campaign data is good enough unless it is done on a regular basis. Understanding changes in the data that impact performance must be identified quickly in order to enhance campaign performance. The only way to do this is by continually analyzing campaign data.

Providing upfront or virtual training for your in-house Analytics teams.